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Verification of Ai Fen Lu by Verify.IMTM

The Verify.IM API

Verify.IM offers a FREE API for approved partners. Not only can you increase the level of trust at your website between members you can also increase your bottom line. Simply by encouraging your membership to enroll in the Verify.IM program via your business' Verify.IM badge or link you can generate revenue each time someone signs up and then upgrades at anytime to a stronger verification level. Learn more here.

How much is trust worth between your members and visitors at your site? It's invaluable and it's now FREE. Integrating our verification API is simple. Data is returned in either JSON or XML and can easily be added to your web site in a matter of minutes via a CURL call.

In accordance with our privacy policy we only return member approved public data. At the present time it is limited to the following:

  • account type
  • user name
  • first name
  • last name
  • business name
  • level of verification
  • age threshold
  • high resolution barcode url
  • barcode url
  • photo url
  • vcard url
  • badge url
  • signature line 1
  • signature line 2

In the near future we will be offering vCard URLs & business hours as part of our API. Due to the nature of the data included in an individuals vCard the member must manually enable the vcard feature before it is made public via the API, mobile profile or standard desktop profile.

How It Works

Within your application you request that your user provides either their Verify.IM user name or complete Verify.IM URL. You then pass the Username or URL to use via a simple CURL GET request and we send back either JSON or XML output for you to store in your database.

JSON API Output | Help: PHP Python ROR

XML API Output | Help: PHP Python ROR

Data Elements

The following represent the core data elements returned by the Verify.IM API
accounttype0 = Individual, 1 = Business, 2 = Association/Group, 3 = Partner
usernameThe user name associated with the account queried.
firstnameFirst name of the Individual member
lastnameLast name of the Individual member
businessnameBusiness name of the member company
verificationlevelLevel of verification range 0 - 4, 4 1 - 5, 5 being the strongest level.
agethresholdMember age threshold returns the minimum age of the member: 0, 13, 16, 18, 21, 25 and 30.
barcodehighresa URL link to a high resolution image of the members barcode
barcodeA URL link to a standard resolution image of the members barcode
photo_urlA URL link to an image of the member
vcard_urlA URL link to a members vCard
badgeA URL link to the members badge, default is 60 x 120
signature1Member defined text for a signature line
signature2Verify.IM member link wth checkmark

Anonymous Demonstration

To help you decide if you want to integrate our API prior to requesting an API Key we have created a demo system with 1000 requests per IP address. Using the following format simply CURL one of the URLs below and exchange the member Username or URL for the sample one listed.

Valid Formats

Approved Partners

If you believe that your application could benefit from a an added level of member trust then please contact me to discuss and to receive your API Key.

Approved partners will be given a "Verify.IM Approved Partner" badge for display on their web site.

Partners must agree to and abide the Verify.IM API agreement

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