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Protect Your Brand

Your brand is invaluable to you. You've spent a lot of time or a lot of money, or both, building your brand to where it is today. One person, in a matter of seconds can negatively impact your brand and cause hundreds of other people distress, damage or at a minimum embarrassment.

So, What's The Problem

The three biggest identity problems brands face online today are;
  1. Sham web sites that download virus and worms to your fans or customers computers
  2. Fake online profiles that claim to be controlled by you and send out negative and disparaging posts about others.
  3. Phony online profiles that poke fun or make false claims about your brand.

Whether you're a public figure, business owner, part of a group or team, musician, actor or model you need to protect your brand. Verify.IM is one big step in that direction and can take as little as a minute or two to get verified and start protecting your identity today!

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